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Favs this Week – Jan 31, 2011 February 5, 2011

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People always ask me how I keep up on changes happening on social platforms. It is hard for sure. There’s no way to read everything, there’s just too much information.

Below are things I’ve read over the prior week that have struck me as important or influenced my thinking. You’ll see the link and 1 sentence about what struck me in the post. Take a closer look if something sounds interesting.

Here are last week’s favs.

Thanks to Duct Tape Marketing for the idea.

This week was all about wild weather on both sides of the planet. Mega-cyclone Yasi in Australia and “the beast” of a snow storm in the US.

Yasi as it approached Queensland.

It is clear Mother Nature’s guiding principles are Power and Beauty. She doesn’t give a crap about safety. And she seldom disappoints. These pictures leave me in awe.

Yasi superimposed over the US gives us a sense of its immense size.

Snow Totals for "the beast." My parents are in the dark purple part.

One non-weather post that was helpful came from Michael Hyatt.  It is on increasing your blog traffic. This is hard to do, and an 81% increase is impressive. I’m not going to hit 5 posts a week as he does. But some of the other ideas I’m considering.


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