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You in a Nutshell March 3, 2011

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Howard Lindzon is ultra simple. It is one big statement about who you are. It is another on-line tool to give the world a sample of who you are.The picture above is an example of an profile. It is one big page.
How is it different than LinkedIn? is to LinkedIn as Tic-Tac-Toe as is to Monopoly. Simple, quick, strategic and fun as can be. is you in a nutshell. It is a visual statement of you, and a jumping off point for your other digital places (if you have them.) It does more then let you tell the world about yourself. It let’s you show the world who you are. One picture, 2 sentences and Bam! you’re done.
Here’s my splash page. Here are some favorites here, and here, and here. And here.
Are you using it? Share your page below and tell us what intent you had in mind when creating your page.

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