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7 Things I learned from the CEO March 18, 2011

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Gale Goodman is CEO of Constant Contact. This week she gave an update on her vision of the evolving world of social media marketing. 291 of us listened in on the call.

Constant Contact is an email marketing platform devoted to helping small businesses grow. In addition to their tool, they’ve built a place for other partners (like me) to offer value to small businesses. They are working hard to lead by example for their customers. To that end, they have built tools to help their customers better understand and use social platforms.

Here’s a recap of what Gale shared:

  • Social usage by small business is growing fast
    • Between Spring and Fall of 2010, Facebook usage by small business increased 12%.
  • Social media has become the next marketing frontier because it works.
  • Advertising raises awareness.
    • Only 14% of consumers trust ads.
  • When people are ready to act, they look for experience.
    • 78% of consumers trust recommendations.
  • Social Integration – when content goes from one channel to another, like if you share this email with your friends on Facebook.
    • Drive social integration by using a social call to action. Example: “If you found this interesting, share it on Facebook”
  • Content is important, but THE most important thing is engagement. Use content to spur engagement.
  • Use insights from engagement to discover where to grow your business next.

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