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Social Media Strategy Session March 28, 2011

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On Tuesday April 5th I’m hosting an in-person session on social media strategy for businesses. The focus is on getting your strategy down on paper and developing a plan for how to execute on it. We will talk through what goals you’ve already have defined for your business this year and how to use a social media platform to help accomplish the goal.

  • We will explore your customers’ interests and how and where to get content feeding those interests.
  • We will walk through practice posts written to encourage engagement.
  • Managing time spent on the platform, and how to keep it from become a giant time suck.
  • Leave with worksheets for post planning and measurement

This is a small group session so if you are having trouble putting your goal into words you’ll get help from the crowd nailing it down.

The session is in Wilmington, Delaware at Brandywine Executive Center. It’s located just north of I-95 and Rt 202. Cost of the session is $20. I wanted to keep the price down so it would fit into as many budgets as possible.  The boardroom we’ll be in has limited seating. At the moment there are 15 spots left. So if you know someone who is “wandering around” in social media, feel free to forward this to them. By the end of the session, they will be clear on the direction they are going.

Here’s the registration link. Hope to see you there!



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