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Twitter Conversations April 1, 2011

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Yakitty, Yak

Every week there are regularly scheduled conversations happening on Twitter. They are called tweetchats. Anyone can join in, or listen in. All you need is the #hashtag. Join in by following the #hashtag, anyone is invited to listen/read along or join the conversation.

Here’s how they work: someone has organized it, so it has a topic, a #hashtag and a time. The conversation kicks off with a couple tweets by the host or guest host. Then the crowd kicks in, adding to the topic or asking questions. All you do is tweet your comment/question along with the #hashtag.

Here’s a list of some of the tweetchats I researched.

#MMchat – Monday 8:00PM EST, Marketer Monday. CMOs and the like discussing marketing topics.
#NSAGA – Georgia chapter of National Speakers Association. These are not weekly, but more sporatic. Watch tweets from @NSAGeorgia for topics.

#buyerchat – holds sessions where anyone can voice their style opinion at their buying meetings and trade shows. Their site highlights the best tweet of each session. And even awards badges to participants like “Buyer in Training.” Their next session is on men’s footwear brand Clae.

#Twechat – Hosted by @Jeff_Goins. This chat was held the week of March 21. Here’s a transcript from a conversation with @MichaelHyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Books. This was a one-off experiment, but they may do another.

#u30pro – is a regular Thursday night 8pmEST Twitter chat 4Millennials about their careers & professional lives. It is run by @DavidSpinks, @CubanaLAF & @Thomas_Wendt

To find more Twitter parties take a look at this calendar.  It is by NO means inclusive, it is just one place to explore. There are sessions on everything from green energy to salons/spas to music to travel. There’s even one about the nutritional aspects of potatoes. Seriously.

If you come upon a #hashtag and want to know what it means, just ask. Tweet to the person using it and ask. I’m sure you’ll get an answer.

Ah, so you don’t tweet. And you don’t want to. No problem, you can still learn by watching. Use any of these tools to follow the conversation marked by the #hashtag.

  • TweetChat – search the #hashtag and watch the conversation unfold.
  • TwitterFall – you’ve heard me talk about this before here.
  • TagDef – this is a registry of #hashtags. It’s a “register your own tag” site, so don’t expect it to be all-inclusive.

There’s a lot to learn by watching conversations on Twitter. Tweetchats are one way to do it. Are there any that you follow? Or any ideas on one you’d like to find?

Update 4/4/11 – Oprah did her first tweetchat Sunday 4/3 during Master Class on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Not sure if it’s a regular thing or an experiment. I’m waiting for a reply to the question via tweet. I’ll let you know what I find out. Her #hastag is #OprahLiveTweet.

Update 4/6/2011 – #blogchat is 9pm EST Sunday nights. It’s run by Mack Collier. This one has been going a while and you can learn a lot by watching. See how it runs, how people participate and emulate within your specialty.


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