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14 Basics of Business Pages and Personal Profiles April 9, 2011

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After a couple conversations this week I’ve decidedĀ  to post a Facebook functionality fact* list.
*that’s “at the moment” anyway
A couple conversations pointed out to me that there is confusion over the way Facebook profiles and pages work and interact with each other. Folks considering a Page are hesitant to begin for fear they will be annoying their friends and family with work related posts from their Page. I guess I’m so immersed in this, I take some things for granted.
So here goes. This is how things work at the moment.
  1. You must have a personal profile to create a business page.
    • It is a violation of Facebook terms and conditions to use a personal profile for your business. So don’t bother creating a bogus profile.
  2. You “friend” a personal profile. And someone has to “accept your friendship” for you to show up in each others’ newsfeeds. (this is a 2 action process)
  3. You cannot “friend” a business page.
  4. Business pages get “liked.” (If you see the “Like” button, it is a Page not a profile.)
  5. A personal profile or a business page can “like” a business page.
    • There is no reciprocal action by the business page in the “liking” process. It is 1 action, by the liker, and you’re done.
  6. A Page that “likes” another Page does not count in the Fan/Like count shown on the page. (at least now right now, and personally, I think it’s weird they don’t count.)
  7. Posts from a business page you have liked will show up in your personal newsfeed.
  8. Posts from personal profiles do not show up in business pages newsfeeds. Ever.
  9. Every time you log into facebook you land on your personal profile newsfeed.
  10. Posts from your friends and pages you have liked show up in your personal newsfeed.
  11. In order to post to your business page you must login and specifically go to your business page. If you post as soon as you log in, the post will go to your personal profile, and all your friends will see it. And none of your fans will see it.
  12. Your friends don’t see your newsfeed. They can see your Wall, not your newsfeed.
  13. Pages can have an unlimited number of fans.
  14. Personal profiles are limited to 5000 friends. If you get to 5000, you can’t be anyone else’s friend and friend requests will just stack up.

That’s it. What did I miss? Or what other questions do you have?





8 Responses to “14 Basics of Business Pages and Personal Profiles”

  1. Eric Overton Says:

    Great summary. Learn something new everyday (check!)

  2. tc Says:

    hi carla– can you check your first “basic” for me, “You must have a personal profile to create a business page.”?

    i too, believed this was true but then a friend of mine who is not on facebook (no personal profile) went on facebook just last week and was able to create his own business page:

    i didn’t know you could do this and i kept telling him i would have to create the page for him (since i already had an fb profile) . . . weird . . .

    anyway, thanks- good stuff for me to show people when trying to explain the differences b/t pages and profiles . . .


    • cbobka Says:

      Tc- there have been some changes recently, I know, like you can transform your personal profile to a biz page. But, I’m not certain if you can not ONLY have a biz page. I haven’t looked in the last week or two.
      The other thing, if you can have only a biz page, it may not be as findable to people if there’s no personal profile established. I have clients who have undeveloped personal profiles ( no picture, not a single friend) and it is hard to find their biz pages without the specific URL.

    • cbobka Says:

      Hey TC, I did a little more poking around on this. There is a personal profile on Facebook named Lucy’s Bistro. There’s no profile pic, but you can “friend” this profile. There is also a business page called Lucy’s Cafe and Bistro. It’s in Babylon NY. Not sure if this your friend or not. If it is, and if the 2 page are related here’s what he did: he joined Facebook as a bogus personal profile using Lucy’s as first name, Bistro as last name. Then he created the Biz Page from there. And he’s got 40 Fans, that’s great. The danger is if Facebook decides to shut down the bogus profile, he’ll lose access to the biz page. Clarity is always in the details. Have a good week!

  3. tc Says:

    ha- i found the personal lucy’s page and sent a friend request to see if that’s him (maybe he set that up without realizing? [but then i guess he’d be in violation, having a personal page for a business]- luckily i’m now the admin for his restaurant’s page in case he gets zapped) . . .

    thanks for the research . . .

  4. Jenifer Says:

    Can the business you have “liked” see your profile like a friend would?

    • cbobka Says:

      Jenifer, yes, there’s a list of the people who have “liked” a Page. But it doesn’t make them your friend. The business page cannot post on your wall or even see your wall or anything like that.

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