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How do you stack up? May 3, 2011

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Over the last year we’ve talked about a lot of social media concepts and best practices. Which ones have you nailed? Which are you tackling next?
Do you have a “bad post” game plan? Fear of Bad Stuff What would a post have to say to cause you to pull it down? Write it down.
What’s your plan for success this quarter? 4th Quarter Is your plan for success this quarter written down?
What’s the story are your digital platforms telling about you? Consistency – Take 30 minutes and look at your digital presence. Are they telling the same story or at least a unified story? If not make a list of what needs done to tighten things up.
Which of these e-commerce trends have you tested? E-commerce trends Make a short list of how you can take advantage of these trends.
What’s metrics are you using to measure your social media effort? Yardsticks of Success – Evaluate what metrics you’re using to measure progress.
How long have you been at it and how long will you keep at it? Sticking with It – Look at the 6 items in the list in this post. Compare your posts over the last month. Be honest about what’s really showing up in front of people.

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