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Where the hell are we? May 18, 2011

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“No matter how brilliant your strategy, every once in a while you need to stop and look around” Winston Churchill.

That applies to ourselves and our social media efforts.  Measuring progress to goal is the only way to assess the effort. It is a key part of any social media program, particularly if your leadership team is skeptical of social media.

There’s really no other way to tell if you are making progress toward your overall strategy. Translation: are you wasting your time or getting something out of it.

In this post I’ll give you a taste of what I do for clients. Each month I do a post recap analysis. I find it easiest to look at posts and make notes about them, then draw conclusions about what worked and what didn’t. The client gets the data analysis and the recap summary. The examples below are for a Facebook Page.

Each post for the month is taken out of the context of the platform and looked at on it’s own, in an Excel spreadsheet. Within the Excel format I look for specific things:

  • Is it on topic? (every client has a focus topic list)
  • Distribution across topics
  • Distribution of topics over the month
  • Number of sales-y posts – these make me cringe
  • How many posts/day vs. our target max activity level
  • Engagement levels – comments and likes on each post
  • Engagement ratio – total posts : total engagement
  • What posts had outstanding engagement and what may have triggered it
  • Improvements on a particular post

Below is a shot of the worksheet I use.


All the factors being examined are captured on the spreadsheet.

The color-coded column of topics gets translated into a chart.  It makes the info easy to digest at a glance.

From all these observations I put together 2 short lists:

  1. What worked
  2. What needs fine tuned.

The client gets the lists and chart in the body of the email recap. The 1st list is critical. It is the stuff you need to do more of.

The 2nd list is usually easy to make. Be careful with though, criticism needs to be presented in the right way. (even if it’s just to yourself.)

Are you taking time to look at your activity? Let me know in comments what you do to measure your progress.




2 Responses to “Where the hell are we?”

  1. Jon Buscall Says:

    Awesome post Carla !!!!

    This is incredibly insightful and obviously something a small-medium sized business could get their hands around.

    Do you use any particular tools to generate info?

    I do something similar for clients and use automated things like Google Alerts, PostRank, etc to provide additional information as well as physically sifting through it myself.

    One thing I’ve found through my own data gathering has been the need to shift over to a more “hackwriter” style of headlines. I’ve been using more sensationalism and seen my stats really pick up.

    It’s only through collecting data that we can make informed decisions. After all, a large part of marketing is about measurement and tweaking!

    • cbobka Says:

      Thanks Jon. Small – medium is my specialty. I’d love to know more about how your using Alerts and PostRank to give a broader view.

      Totally agree on the headlines, good ones are vital. I just can’t stomach the sensationalism angle, myself.

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