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15 Minutes of Fame for AmEx OPEN Big Break Finalists July 7, 2011


Despite the fun and excitement of the American Express OPEN Facebook Big Break finalist announcements, the work of running the business HAS to go on. Take a look at the Facebook newsfeed from Distinctive Gardens.


These are the moments you stretch as a business owner. Yeah, that can leave a mark.


Lisa typically man’s the Distinctive Garden Facebook page. She is getting a baptism by fire being Social Media Community Manager for a Facebook Page that has grown by 40% in 24 hours. Look at her post, she’s nearly overwhelmed at trying to keep up with the posts.


And look at the post about the event invite they did. It invited people to vote for them and to share the invite with their friends.  7000 invites in 3 1/2 hours. Wild.


Keeping up and running the business


Notice also the post from Laura, her wedding reception is at Distinctive Gardens Pavilion on Saturday. The wheels can’t come off, or Laura gets the day of her life overshadowed by a contest.


Correction: It’s not Laura’s wedding reception. She’s a guest. The newlyweds are Trisha and Zach Arquilla.


What do you think happens next? What do you think they should do next? Drop you ideas/suggestions in comments.





2 Responses to “15 Minutes of Fame for AmEx OPEN Big Break Finalists”

  1. Carla, you should have checked the whole post! LOL I was so excited that I misunderstood. I congratulated Laura and it wasn’t even she that is getting married out there this weekend! LOL… She so very politely and graciously corrected me. I had been on since 6 am and didn’t even realize that she was not our bride but a guest looking forward to attending! It has been a simply surreal day. The outpouring is overwhelming. I know that I didn’t get to thank everyone. They are simply outstanding, just outstanding. This day has been a day of tears of joy, thrills right and left, and a shear amazement in witnessing a tiny little community coming together. Bradley Linbloom was the last post I caught: Bradley Linboom
    “Help support the greatest little business that could. Please VOTE for Distinctive Gardens for a Facebook BIG BREAK nobody deserves it more then them! Please help spread the word and VOTE for them. Thank you.” Amazing. Simply Amazing.

    • cbobka Says:

      Oh! It’s not her wedding? LOL. You are tired. I guess nobody promised fame was restful! You guys are doing a great job. Soak it in. Enjoy it. And like I said the day before the video crew arrived, “Stay in your lane.” That’s where you shine. Keep at it!

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