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7 types of QR Codes and 5 Ideas for Using Them July 14, 2011

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Today’s post is another in a series on mobile access for your business from Bob Watson of Digital Eye.


QR codes (short for quick response) are one of the newest ways to share information quickly with people’s smart phones or tablets. If this is your first encounter with them, here’s a little more on how to use them.

We’ve just scratched the surface on how to use them. Here are some ideas.

7 Types of QR code access:

  1. Access a URL
  2. Prepare a pre-loaded SMS text message to be sent to a specific number
  3. Download a vCard into your phone’s address book
  4. Initiate a phone call to a given number
  5. Prepare an email
  6. Insert an event into the calendar
  7. Deliver text or GPS coordinates


5 ways to make use of them to grow your business.

Collect more Fans — Put a QR Code window slick on your storefront to send passers-by to your Facebook page.
Make your business card interactive — try a code with your web address, LinkedIn profile or some of your contact information in vCard format.
Here’s how to find us — print a code containing the URL for a Google Maps page to your business on your brochure. They can get instant directions to get to you from their present location.
How are we doing? — A table tent at a restaurant linking a diner’s smartphone to a feedback site is a great way to gather more and accurate information on customer satisfaction. New research has found that mobile network activity spikes at lunchtime when we get out of the office and take a break from the grind.
Scan here for more — Does your product compete with others on the same shelf at retailers? Get noticed with a QR Code on your in-store display that sends shoppers to get more information on why they should buy yours.

Get yourself a reader app for your smartphone, like ScanLife, i-nigma or BeeTagg. With this on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll find the QR Code to be one of the fastest and most convenient means of accessing information and interacting with your device.

Where the code takes people is vital. You want them to have a good experience.

The most common form of the QR Code links to a website, so it’s extremely important that your content displays properly on a mobile device


  • Graphics and text should be large enough to view in a single column, and any scrolling required should be up-and-down only.
  • Buttons and links should be large enough and far apart from one another to ensure easy touch navigation
  • Flash presentations should be eliminated or converted to mobile-friendly formats like javascript.


Sending your customers to a page that they have to zoom in to see with small buttons and missing content can turn your good intentions into inconvenienced customers.


Start off by getting familiar with QR Codes from the user’s perspective — download an app (or several) and experiment with the ones you find everywhere today, and think about how you can take advantage of them to grow your business.


In the meantime, scan this one to show how much you like Social Pie on Facebook!

What ideas do you have on how to make use of one of these things? Leave a note in comments.


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