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Doing More with Less October 22, 2012

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Do you need to increase market and control cost?

That’s the dilemma one of my clients faced – get more of their market covered, do it with existing sales team.

They are doing it, and controlling their marketing budget, too.

The client came to Archway with their challenge and together we designed and implemented a solution. It’s a front end website for professionals that does the job of the sales team for the market base not called on by a sales rep. The site’s been running for 8 months, and they’ve already seen a pop in market share directly attributable to how they’ve harnessed the web in conjunction with their sales team.

They’ve also won an industry award for best new website. My team is thrilled to be part of their success.

Here’s how it works:
• Orders are limited to specific products and quantities, and controlled by the marketing team
• Order frequency per customer is limited to specific time periods, and controlled by the marketing team
• The website verifies customer credentials, only customer not called on by sales reps can register
• Customer Service is available for credentialing issues by Archway call center agents
• Shipments arrive via Archway fulfillment services
• Marketing has visit/page view stats to gauge interest by product
• Sales reps continue to call on their assigned customers

Within 6 months of the professional site’s launch the latest recommendation results for this pool of customers showed crushing results:
• Highest recommendation share for the brand ever; with a widening margin over their competitor
• Their brand was the only brand across category to show a significant increase in recommendations by the customer base
• Of survey respondents nearly half of the survey respondents (48%) were called-on by the brand’s professional sales representative, and almost a quarter (23%) stated being sampled through the new professional website.

Do you face similar challenges? What are you doing to get more product into the hands of your advocates and still control costs?