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Perks for Master Bates February 19, 2011

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The pic below is of a note waiting for a friend in his hotel room after he became the new Foursquare “mayor” of The Westin in Napa, California. The note was accompanied by a bottle of lovely “snooty cab.”  The note was from the general manager of the property.

Perks of Mayor-ship.

As you might assume Mr. Bates was duly impressed with the perks of his new office.

Any guess where he’ll stay the next time he’s in town?

What are you doing to engage your “Mayor.”


Fun and Cheap – Foursquare & Gowalla September 23, 2010

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Rewards can get expensive as Foursquare and Gowalla increase in popularity. And early adopter businesses are finding loyalty is higher when there’s intrinsic value to the reward rather than it being a free trinket or drink. Intrinsic stuff is harder to think of.

Let’s build a list of fun, cheap ideas to reward players and drive face-to-face interaction with the business.

You get real bang when your reward is creative and unexpected. That’s also the best way to keep it low-budget.

Ideas so far:
  • A law firm specializing in real estate can give away a gift card to users who have checked in 10 times. The realtors who check in frequently gets the card, and they use as closing gift to clients. Here’s a possibility to help the new homeowner decorate with advice from a pro.
  • Every 10th person who checks-in gets a free drink. (Especially great if you are NOT a bar or restaurant)
  • Every Mayor gets their picture taken for the “Mayor Hall of Fame.” (the wall behind your cash register)
  • The Mayor has duties – she gets to pick the music played in the lobby. New Mayor, new playlist. Post a sign “Our Foursquare Mayor selected these tunes.”

Let’s build a big list. Add your ideas to the comments section. If you need an idea for your business, leave that in comments and we’ll take a swing at coming up with something fun.