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Resolution Check In February 7, 2010

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Is your attention still on your New Year’s resolutions? How successful have you been in being responsible for making them show up?

January 1 seems like so long ago, doesn’t it.

I committed to putting updates in my blog, this where I stand on mine:

  • I’ve been successful in blogging twice a week.
  • My job search is underway, I’ve assembled a coaching staff to assist. Lots of possibility out there, even if the process is changed.
  • VUAEE programming–underway in building; engaged a director of panel reviews; building curriculum for bi-monthly webinar series; website snag is in the process of being unsnagged. (Hi Stephen!) FB page is active and so is Tweet stream @VUAEE.
  • Golf–back burnered until the weather shifts, 24 inches of snow yesterday, ‘nough said.
  • Arcadia Nat’l Park visit–have advise from 2 people who’ve been there

Where are you on your list? Abandoned, still committed, modified out of necessity?

Abandoned isn’t bad. Abandoned isn’t the same as neglect.  Abandoned for a determined reason is a completely different matter. If one of your resolutions is no longer meaningful for a determined reason, walk away with no regrets.

Let me know how yours are going.