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Delaware is on the Social Map March 18, 2010

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The First State

Today Chris Brogan appeared at a social media event in Wilmington DE. Wow, socialebrity in our midst. I was on a call with him yesterday, and he’s dynamite.

The Archer Group, a Wilmington DE based ad agency, put together The Trust Summit (#trust DE). Julien Smith, who co-authored “Trust Agents” with Brogan, and Mitch Joel, author of “Six Pixels of Separation” rounded out the speakers. So, there were actually 3 socialebrities here.

At the same time New Castle County Chamber of Commerce (#NCCCC) was holding a social media session for their members. Their event had a full house, best attendance in years, despite overlapping the #TrustDE event. I was at this event, and it was first-rate. Big shout out to Greg Gurev for hosting and putting together the speakers.

Ken Grant (@kengrantde) has a goal of putting Delaware on the map for the way businesses use social media to grow and thrive. At least the story I heard is crediting him with the idea. Apparently the idea came to him while attending a tweet-up with Delaware’s Governor Markell.

Disclaimer: I’m not a Delawarean. I live in PA, about a mile from the PA/DE line. (And I’m a transplant from Iowa, which some consider makes me from The West.)  My kids go to school in Delaware and at least 60% of what I do happens in Delaware. So I’m invested in the state and interested and intrigued by Ken’s idea. I’ll do everything I can to help.

So anyway, back to the point.  Today 2 big,  well executed social media events happened at the same time in The First State, which is a pretty small place. You can drive across the state in about 20 minutes, unless it’s Friday afternoon during the summer. The social media events per capita today was high compared to other states. Both events were very well attended and got rave reviews.

That puts an exclamation point on Ken’s goal. Congrats Ken, keep it up. You are the first to say it isn’t all your doing, but you are influencing the doers and what they are accomplishing. Let me know how I can help.