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What I did Last Summer July 26, 2011

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Happy Vacation


Thanks for stopping by. This week I’m vacationing. Sun, sand, family and relaxing is the only thing on my mind. We have a whole crew imported from the Midwest, and we are going get ourselves tan and cousin-ed up.


Stop back next week for more stuff to keep your social biz efforts humming along.


If you need inspiration right now, wander through the archives here.


Here’s to sleeping late and bug-bites. Cheers!




Resolution Check In February 7, 2010

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Is your attention still on your New Year’s resolutions? How successful have you been in being responsible for making them show up?

January 1 seems like so long ago, doesn’t it.

I committed to putting updates in my blog, this where I stand on mine:

  • I’ve been successful in blogging twice a week.
  • My job search is underway, I’ve assembled a coaching staff to assist. Lots of possibility out there, even if the process is changed.
  • VUAEE programming–underway in building; engaged a director of panel reviews; building curriculum for bi-monthly webinar series; website snag is in the process of being unsnagged. (Hi Stephen!) FB page is active and so is Tweet stream @VUAEE.
  • Golf–back burnered until the weather shifts, 24 inches of snow yesterday, ‘nough said.
  • Arcadia Nat’l Park visit–have advise from 2 people who’ve been there

Where are you on your list? Abandoned, still committed, modified out of necessity?

Abandoned isn’t bad. Abandoned isn’t the same as neglect.  Abandoned for a determined reason is a completely different matter. If one of your resolutions is no longer meaningful for a determined reason, walk away with no regrets.

Let me know how yours are going.