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Facebook Gets Sexy March 18, 2010

Filed under: Learnings,Strategy — Carla Bobka @ 12:22 pm
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Yesterday Facebook sent me a surprising email. It was a summary of all the Fan Pages I administer and 3 vital stats for each of them—all in 1 email. Pretty helpful. As a social media platform I shouldn’t be surprised, but it is a first for them. Congrats, it’s a hit, keep it coming.

Two things I like the most:

  1. Facebook brought information they had to me, in a place I already had my attention – my Inbox
  2. They kept it simple – 3 key stats and links to my pages to take action
  • Number of new fans
  • Amount of interaction
  • Amount of  views

The email itself was pretty simple, the stats were all from the Insights section of each page. Yes, I check those myself as part of the management of the page. The stats on the insights page are very helpful, although not always as clearly reflective of my page as they should be. (For instance, Fan count on Insights doesn’t match what shows on the page, you’d think that would be a no brainer) But the fact is for people who AREN’T visiting Insights on their own, the email may stimulate them to be more in touch with the data attached to what’s happening on their page. That’s good for Facebook’s longevity. They are giving users more information than they may be finding on their own.

Now, Facebook needs to do a bit of work on the email technique to really look  slick. A strategic partnership to integrate the data into great layout from Constant Contact or MailChimp to make it more visually dynamic. That would move it from sexy to Body by Victoria sexy.